Trump's New Hampshire Rally: Ivanka Is Beautiful, Coronavirus Will Go Away By Itself

President Trump held a rally in Concord on the eve of the New Hampshire primary to take the spotlight off Democrats and get out some important messages about family and health. #Monologue #Comedy #Colbert
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  • Okay Colbert!!!!! Here the deal! I don't subscribe to any u-tube chanel ever! I mean ever! So, this brings me to the issues at hand. I live in the country. I have an antenna, government box, and a 45 year old console t.v.! Normally, this allows me to watch your mashed tators, gravy apple pie whipped cream sour mash whiskey you deliver as your monologue. However, having the network with a tower as old as my t.v ., the wind blew it over and right now I don't get cbs. This leaves me to troll the u-tube postings to catch your nightly episodes. I suffer through trolls like sucker fish, that live off the droppings they find floating at the bottom of the pond to get your show! The last one I clicked on had the sound set so bad it sounded like nails on a chalk board. Is it your intentions to make your loyal listeners go through this pain just to get a subscriber? I mean really! Come on man, it's public television! Is it CBS? I'd Lihue an answer here. If I could afford it I would come to the show and ask personally. I mesh what's a guy to do here? Watch Jimmy Kimmel? That is just like having to eat dry cereal with a fork! So what's it going to take to get a little nightly Colbert without having to deal with the sucker fish droppings that u-tube feeds on just to get another click on the viewer list?

    Off GridOff Grid4 minutit tagasi
  • What is Steyer saying in the Fury Road intro?

    LumberklikLumberklik2 tundi tagasi
  • MAGA definition: Making Anal Great Again

    Tommy PiersonTommy Pierson2 tundi tagasi
  • Seven felonies and Dump wants no prison time. It's good to be a rich old white guy.

    cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuoo3 tundi tagasi
  • When's he dissed the audience for being late in booing Trump. Lol!

    em geceem gece3 tundi tagasi
  • 5:30 he said that because he knew people like you would react like this-

    Mike JewowskiMike Jewowski4 tundi tagasi
  • #PLOD 2020

    joseph prousejoseph prouse4 tundi tagasi
    • It really is embarrassing.

      cnmmd qiuoocnmmd qiuoo3 tundi tagasi
  • Steve you are awesome 👍👌, who or how can anyone justify D J T and feel good about themselves

    Jim HensleyJim Hensley4 tundi tagasi
  • He didn't mention the Coronavirus

    Jithin JacobJithin Jacob7 tundi tagasi
  • Stephen Colbert is part of the infection, if you allow entertainers to do your research, then you are the ignorant party that is willing to believe anything thats amusing not real facts. Wake up people!!!

    EarthlingEarthling9 tundi tagasi
  • 🤣

    Fire*MinxFire*Minx9 tundi tagasi
  • Thank you so much for the wonderful healing gift of laughter. So helpful when one feels just misery at the state of our world....

    Dark HorseDark Horse9 tundi tagasi

    popo kaitopopo kaito9 tundi tagasi
  • He doesn't even know where Concord is... what an idiot he is.. but the people that he pays, cheer him on. He never knows what he's gonna say. Makes shit up all the time.

    Linda PelletierLinda Pelletier10 tundi tagasi
  • Trump cages young kids. Merkel should have slapped his 🍊 makeup Visage and then once more with the other hand.

    DTR CHADTR CHA10 tundi tagasi
  • charges are so serious...plz

    Mick BroderickMick Broderick11 tundi tagasi
  • Stone deserves a harsher sentence.

    mnika volimnika voli14 tundi tagasi
  • Gee did he say he fights " BAD guys" again? Dumb down more shit for his base with their two year old mentality? Is he tricking em again hy wearing a white hat? White hats are the good guys after all. Black hats are bad guys. It s that simple.

    Kt McKt Mc15 tundi tagasi
  • #RightMatters #PresidentSanders #RemoveTrump #TrumpResign #Bernie2020 #Resist #MeToo #WaterIsLife

    Sandra J GobelySandra J Gobely15 tundi tagasi
    • How could those zombies sit there and listen to that jibberish?

      mnika volimnika voli14 tundi tagasi
  • I always wondered where Whatsamatter U was.

    xxxRadarxxxxxxRadarxxx16 tundi tagasi
  • Oh, Stephen. Trump didn't mention Concord as "that place we read about all the time" because he had any clue there was a battle at a place called Concord in the revolutionary war. One can only dream that our president was capable of a reference that shrewd. No, I'm sad to say he referred to Concord as "that place we read about all the time" because newspaper articles still have the tradition of putting a dateline (the place that they report from) in large letters in front of their articles, and as the state capital, Concord is usually where those journalists are when they report news about the state. It's the kind of observation one would make when, say, flipping through a few newspapers and looking just at the big words in order to pretend that they care about a place. Especially if they didn't know or understand that Concord appears so much simply by virtue of being the state capital, and were dumb enough to assume that most newsworthy things happen in Concord by coincidence. That, it breaks my heart to say, is who our president is.

    dipperdipper16 tundi tagasi
  • I really do despair for Us can't imagine why just one person would support this lunatic he can basically spout any amount of inane bollocks and those freaks, will cheer and clap. It really is embarrassing.

    dance awaydance away19 tundi tagasi
  • Ivanka Trump has said, without a hint of irony, that she got her moral compass from her father, but she’s never admitted that all four points on that compass are labeled “South”.

    Leigh OatsLeigh Oats21 tund tagasi
  • Huh. Why did the title say "coronavirus" when that was mentioned not at all?

    RemRewRoeRemRewRoe22 tundi tagasi
  • they want to take our guns because they know we can use them

    jack barkerjack barkerPäev tagasi
  • its ok dems you will soon have a jew nasi for a candidate now there is a oxzy moron

    jack barkerjack barkerPäev tagasi
  • Lock her Up what about the Clinton emails

    jack barkerjack barkerPäev tagasi
  • Roger Stone is perfect example of the archetypal representative of the Trump administration.

    TheTestingGroundsTheTestingGroundsPäev tagasi
  • The only chance you have to beat trump is Kelsey gabbert. Everyone else is a sure loss...because you’re all idiots

    coolectra13coolectra13Päev tagasi
  • 🤣😂 Obama probably wakes up every morning smiling as he gets out of bed knowing that he gets under Trump’s skin so badly😆! My family always told me that the highest form of admiration is when someone is jealous of you! NO ONE is more jealous of Obama or anyone else for that matter than Trump is!😮 Just think about it Trump has dismantled and tried to dismantle all that Obama put hard work into. He wants to make sure that Obama has no standing accomplishments left behind. Trump lies and accuses Obama of ACTUALLY being the one to cause the recession saying that Obama left the WH in a mess ( when it was a mess when Obama received but through hard work and perseverance Obama turned it, that he had to come in and fix the mess. Because he had the nerve to quote these lies in public and tweet these lies and tell them on Fox he actually made people believe it!!!🤦🏻‍♂️ It didn’t help that Fox and Rush Limbaugh passed along all those same lies to the conservative public and they ate it up like manna from Heaven. Even still, Obama’s numbers for jobs in the last three years of his term are higher than Trump’s. The economy was on a steady upward climb when he left and continued to climb and produce more jobs under the now president, Trump. Everything Obama left has been trampled on and tarnished while everything He was; a strong man, a dignified man, a sympathetic man, a caring man, an empathetic man who spoke in a nice soothing well modulated voice and actually had a vocabulary above the fifth grade, a neat and classy man, a man who actually cared about this country and the people within it. Hmm! 🤔 Seeing all this in writing I CAN understand why Trump is jealous, competitive , envious, and downright insecure at the thought alone of his predecessor, he knows that there is no comparison and he will never be the man or the president Obama was. 😊

    L ErkinsL ErkinsPäev tagasi
  • Every time Drumph opens his Big Mac hole I get angry. Please tell me I'm not the only one.

    Shanna WheelerShanna WheelerPäev tagasi

    Sophie PeraaudSophie PeraaudPäev tagasi
  • If Trump got re- elected, Trump gonna spend his 2nd term to campaign for Ivanka. Mark my words. Write it down if you want.

    Thien NguyenThien NguyenPäev tagasi
  • also it's conCERD not conCORD

    Emma BerrymanEmma BerrymanPäev tagasi
    • upside down and inside out ... and soooooo creepy ....creepy prez

      butti fdftbutti fdftPäev tagasi
  • How could those zombies sit there and listen to that jibberish?

    charmnGUYcharmnGUYPäev tagasi
  • other banana republics at least try to hide that they are.....🤮

    deepblue64deepblue64Päev tagasi
    • Most definitely the most pathetic President in Human History .. I still cannot fathom how this loser got elected .. like living in some alternate Universe where Logic is turned

      butti fdftbutti fdftPäev tagasi
  • Bloomberg is so desperate that I got Bloomberg ads both before and after this video.

    xanithofdragonsxanithofdragonsPäev tagasi
  • If this guy had half a brain he would be 10 times smarter than he is know. However, people even stupider than him is his audience.

    Roger RabbitRoger RabbitPäev tagasi
  • Andrew Yang is still on the ballot in 49 states, the buck doesn't stop here YangGang!

    Dakota MashakDakota MashakPäev tagasi
  • ITS FREAK CONN-CORD not conch-cord

    tiffany norristiffany norrisPäev tagasi
  • Ishkabibble dribbles, the trump oration.

    Pat ByrnePat ByrnePäev tagasi
  • Steven carries himself like a puppet on strings, look at his arms

    jona clajona claPäev tagasi
  • DNC is trash - get woke go broke

    Rick 137cRick 137cPäev tagasi
  • The way you guys speak of trump supporters, is why they will continue to hate the left. I was what was considered a liberal when obama was president, I never ever got hate from people who disagreed with his politics. They would agree with what good he did and the bad. The left & right has gone so far up its ass's, that if you have any differing opinion, then you are the enemy. You are literally calling half of the country idiots for supporting trump. There is a reason why liberals and conservatives are so hated right now.

    daysErlockdaysErlockPäev tagasi
  • love him

    Mrs LovettMrs LovettPäev tagasi
  • "PLOD TURD MAN" What the fuck does it even mean? Did you achieved comedy yet?

    PiromyślPiromyślPäev tagasi
  • Brian Williams likes moose more than people. I don't blame him....I would rather see more moose in my neighborhood too.

    Smitty WerbenjaegermanjensenSmitty WerbenjaegermanjensenPäev tagasi
  • Good stuff

    Chris GambinoChris GambinoPäev tagasi
  • P L O D T U R D M A N

    UserUserPäev tagasi
  • Most definitely the most pathetic President in Human History .. I still cannot fathom how this loser got elected .. like living in some alternate Universe where Logic is turned upside down and inside out ... and soooooo creepy ....creepy prez

    Hajar Renate MidbrødHajar Renate MidbrødPäev tagasi
  • Bill Barr as the "sword and shield" for the president? Why not the whole "American Bar(r) Association"? Or will it soon be called "The American Trump Association"? Respect for the four lawyers who walked out. On the other hand, perhaps they could have fought it out against the Department of Justice...?

    Pit GutzmannPit GutzmannPäev tagasi
  • Trump's right, someone was mumbling. Him.

    Rochelle EskueRochelle EskuePäev tagasi
    • Bernie Wins the People. Bernie. Thats why they say "we are unsure" . 1st place is the new last place when it comes to establishment news.

      drttyu liqmdrttyu liqmPäev tagasi
  • I hate to say this but doesn't Trump wants to date his own daughter. Trump is sick

    anna Marieanna Marie2 päeva tagasi
  • To the macho dude from Bang productions that ate the red hot chili pepper chips on the commercial break, next time slather your tongue with butter first before you put hot peppers into your mouth, and you will be spared nearly all of the pain you are suffering. It is just science- hot peppers are only hot when they have a chance to oxidize in your mouth on your taste buds; therefore, when you coat your tongue with heavy grease like butter first, the spice can't combine with oxygen on your tongue and you can swallow it down without pain..

    Chris SnyderChris Snyder2 päeva tagasi
  • Trump definetely had some affair with his daughter...filthy people

    Mr GreenMr Green2 päeva tagasi
  • Trump is funnier than Colbert is.

    Conan BarbarianConan Barbarian2 päeva tagasi
    • It's totally amazes me how many deranged people there are and how they make comparisons to Nazi Germany over this country total fools

      seeni gztyseeni gztyPäev tagasi
  • Manchester NH is a cockroach infested meth lab.

    Jason FirewalkerJason Firewalker2 päeva tagasi
    • Herr Trumpo is a fruit in part: He is the son of a giant orange & an orangutan, lol!

      seeni gztyseeni gztyPäev tagasi
  • It is so great to actually watch a clip that is mostly viewed by like minded people! 😁👍🏼I made the mistake of watching Romney being interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox. 😒I knew with those two speaking on why Romney voted the way he did, even on Fox, it would be a fair and truthful interview ( things the Trumpers don’t like) so color me surprised when I read all the idiotic responses from them! Why would they even watch?🤨 They were calling Romney a sinner and saying that he was jealous of Trump because Trump won and he didn’t. Everyone was lying because that WAS a perfect call and it was proven by Trump’s counsel. Hmm! 🤔Was it? The DNC keeps losing by bringing fake charges against their BELOVED Trump! They said that Romney and McCain need to burn in Hell together😡. They were both traitors and losers. So on and so forth. People were actually thumb upping all of this nonsense and in HUGE numbers! 😳I was like, “Whoa! Where am I? “The Twilight Zone”? Are these people seriously for real?! I tried to set some records straight with them but quickly got overwhelmed by the lunacy of it all! They kept calling me Strawman and I am like you are the ones with the tinfoil caps on your heads. Can you really try to read me? After time I countered their ignorance with facts they began to call me names and insult me instead of addressing anything I said. When I criticized Trump for PRETENDING to be a patriot while he dodged serving the military his entire life when because I did what he couldn’t. One of them replied, if you did indeed serve. Oh, for me it is IF I served while you are willing to follow Trump to the ends of the earth KNOWING he hasn’t. These patriotic people called McCain a traitor and a loser and made light of him being a POW, even mocked him for it! They are so ignorant and proud of it that they don’t realize you CAN be a Christian and a Democrat. You can be a moderate. ALL Democrats don’t agree with all of the same issues. They even called me an “abortionist” because I said that even though I am not FOR abortions I still don’t feel that it is my right to tell these women what to do with their bodies. I said that there could be more stringent enforcement such as you have to be at least in your twenties, it shouldn’t be used recreationally, it shouldn’t be late term, there should be counseling where other options are discussed and that if rape or anything like that take place then that is an extreme circumstance and should be handled accordingly. They told me I was going to Hell and that everyone who has an abortion should commit suicide and die and burn. I told them the God I serve doesn’t preach hate, wishing harm on those who don’t agree with you isn’t being a Christian. The God I serve doesn’t preach damnation for sins you may commit as long as you repent. That is why I always say you tell people and make them aware but ultimately it is between them and God. These are the same people who want to keep the government out of their healthcare but it is okay for the government to dictate to a woman what she can or can’t do with her body! Ridiculous! 🤦🏻‍♂️These people are extremely psycho. The bad thing is they don’t realize how sick they really sound. That is one of the reasons I was hoping Trump would be voted out in a bi partisan way so that our country would be saved from all of this willful ignorance and constant lunacy we are currently dealing with!

    L ErkinsL Erkins2 päeva tagasi
  • Think of all the crap work this guy would be pushing out if Hillary had won the election.

    shawm3nshawm3n2 päeva tagasi
  • 4:02 Steven, you’ve apparently missed the mumbling thing... Trump in this clip is using his right hand to point backwards - indicating the side Pence was on...

    Scott MacScott Mac2 päeva tagasi