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09:57 storytime of Boris origins
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  • oh there’s my carpet! I’ve been looking for it everywhere

    Aloona LarionovaAloona Larionova14 päeva tagasi
    • We need collab blyat

      bbPäev tagasi
    • Slav King Senpai Boris Notices Slav Queen Aloona. :D Aloona your senpai finally notices you! ♥ Oppa!

      MinevaZabiAMV of Zeonic ProductionsMinevaZabiAMV of Zeonic ProductionsPäev tagasi
    • It's OUR carpet.

      gant 696gant 696Päev tagasi
    • @illustractory Maybe if you uploaded something that was actually popular, you'd be a successful EEprojectr rather than whining about leeching in successful EEprojectrs' comments yourself.

      Erik CrouchErik Crouch2 päeva tagasi

      AlphaRobloxPlayer1AlphaRobloxPlayer13 päeva tagasi
  • Guys, he's teaching us russian accent

    Sans ComicSans ComicTund tagasi
  • boris i have a video idea :how to make chebourek , good job .,continue likes this!!!

    edouard trahanedouard trahanTund tagasi
  • Hey boris short question when will be the slav cards again in your shop for buying available

    Paul HatziPaul HatziTund tagasi
  • 3:13 nope they are brazilians like me and we got the power to escape from our own creations

    if the angels saw our mistakesif the angels saw our mistakes3 tundi tagasi
  • More cyka

    GRUSARNGRUSARN5 tundi tagasi
  • boris needs a discord server

    subaru boisubaru boi5 tundi tagasi
  • U should play Metro series my friend.

    ChristopherChristopher5 tundi tagasi
  • 0:19 look his glases,its aloonaaa

    Mesak PhotoMesak Photo6 tundi tagasi
  • Bad news: Boris isn't the shashlik king Good news: Boris is the shashlik TZAR

    oscar the king of artoscar the king of art7 tundi tagasi
  • Boris, Make some Sarma 💪🏻 9:04 I don't get it

    Vegeta The Prince of All SayainsVegeta The Prince of All Sayains8 tundi tagasi
  • Русские слова

    Ingsal PukichIngsal Pukich8 tundi tagasi
  • The best channel, amazing production.

    Brandon JohnsonBrandon Johnson8 tundi tagasi
  • А я так и не нашёл комментария от русского...

    Alpha PetrovichAlpha Petrovich8 tundi tagasi
  • Where can i found that mouse skin?

    HollowKenshyHollowKenshy8 tundi tagasi

    Ivari 420Ivari 4209 tundi tagasi
  • Hey Boris, Blyat. My dream car is the E46 M3.

    Vortex 220Vortex 2209 tundi tagasi
  • привет guys, first word in rush b language

    DeeKDeeK11 tundi tagasi
  • You are Russian mister international

    Gopnik party BoiGopnik party Boi12 tundi tagasi
  • How is Boris right now? Because this is his newest video in youtube for now!?!

    hydyky halimhydyky halim12 tundi tagasi
  • Do you watch MR. SLAV ??? If yes, then review it or tell us how you feel about it?

    Chirag ChouhanChirag Chouhan12 tundi tagasi
  • Id nahui

    Youthful ExileYouthful Exile14 tundi tagasi
  • Еб компот ебать

    StrelokProductStrelokProduct14 tundi tagasi
  • On war thunder i just got the t50

    russiancykablyat boyrussiancykablyat boy14 tundi tagasi
  • Opppaaa boris saw Giornov Giovanski

    PhobiaPhobia14 tundi tagasi
  • 5:40 uh oh...he's opened the floodgates.

    DeliriumMind43DeliriumMind4318 tundi tagasi
  • Хорошо, что есть русские субтитры. Ты лучший

    сергей горастюксергей горастюк19 tundi tagasi
  • I'm using all of my IQ to understand what he's saying.. I have lost most of my brain cells in the process..

    MidKnight C4MidKnight C419 tundi tagasi
  • Russia is like America.. But a ton of vodka is involved..

    MidKnight C4MidKnight C420 tundi tagasi
  • Hot

    mrcow5223mrcow522320 tundi tagasi
  • Ты из Нарвы? Я из Кохтла Ярве

    ja_domovoi7ja_domovoi720 tundi tagasi
  • Привет борис я русский я тебя раскусил продукты, слова которые ты говоришь, это все на русском так что ты находишься где-то в странах СНГ, точно я думаю Россия потому что только у нас ходят гопники в спортивках. Я незнаю реально ты знаешь русский или нет, но у тебя иногда русский аккцент не похож на наш. пожалуйста прочитай этот комментарий

    MaxulяMaxulя21 tund tagasi
  • 7:00 uncle Vanya stole the counter

    Frank Ricard AlexanderFrank Ricard Alexander23 tundi tagasi
  • 3:15 when you have cans of compressed air mixed in with kvass

    vik vikvik vikPäev tagasi
  • More pls

    lil Ruggylil RuggyPäev tagasi
  • fucking brilliant .

    Maisie CuMaisie CuPäev tagasi
  • More pls

    lukethe ayylmaolukethe ayylmaoPäev tagasi
  • Please add the yellow hoodie to the store, I need it for slav reasons....

    ViikonluontoääniViikonluontoääniPäev tagasi
  • You were the 500th like on the lego boris

    Oscar O'MearaOscar O'MearaPäev tagasi
  • to be honest, his accent sounds like a mix of ukrainian and russian. and i dont care if he not slav or not

    yuri the ukrainianyuri the ukrainianPäev tagasi
  • Интересно, Борис это понимает? Või see? A może nawet to?

    nolxve ツnolxve ツPäev tagasi

    batuhan pınarbatuhan pınarPäev tagasi
  • My dog just joined slavic society. He now wears a ushanka and instead of water he drinks vodka.

    Brawl Stars with an idiot - DeutschBrawl Stars with an idiot - DeutschPäev tagasi
  • Hey Boris do you like Vitas

    Capitain FearCapitain FearPäev tagasi
  • Hey Boris! Make Butter!

  • Njet molotoff

    Sean JohnsonSean JohnsonPäev tagasi
  • More pls

    Sameer PharmaSameer PharmaPäev tagasi
  • Boris кажи нещо за старите ви братя българи

    NikS The DEE GaMeNikS The DEE GaMePäev tagasi
    • Blyat

      PhobiaPhobia14 tundi tagasi
  • I want that 100 episode Vadim Blyat series.

    Alibey BalAlibey BalPäev tagasi
  • На русском базарь руский американец бл#*ь

    Terozong OrgerTerozong OrgerPäev tagasi
  • Make disocrd server

    darkbroYTdarkbroYTPäev tagasi
  • 7:02 the sub counter disapierd there..

    AjDAM 34AjDAM 34Päev tagasi
  • 10:33 I think Boris was born in any ex-yugoslav country during the Yugoslav split

    Shambhu nath BanerjeeShambhu nath BanerjeePäev tagasi
  • "Not all Russian sounds the same" That's not surprising since even Slovenia, the smallest Slavic country has like 148 dialects

    GLuckyGLuckyPäev tagasi
  • Heya @LifeofBoris - a little off topic. I just saw a drink made with vodka and mayonnaise called a Tapeworm,... it appears to be a real thing - check it out

    sim0n17sim0n17Päev tagasi
  • *Please read this* Sorry but guys, *old video of boris is gone!* inluding cab driver series. I searched some old videos but i couldn't find, and now in sure that those videos are gone. If you read my comment to here, i need to make boris see my comment so that we can hear answer from boris. Hope those restored soon.

    TARI1237 KRTARI1237 KRPäev tagasi
  • Reddit, lifeofbrois 🤣🤦‍♂️

    Riad BenkabbaRiad BenkabbaPäev tagasi

    Mukiza MaximusMukiza MaximusPäev tagasi
  • до сих пор гадаю , из какой он страны ?

    Mister BletMister BletPäev tagasi
  • You still have not visited Sebia. :(

    Против ГлобалПротив ГлобалPäev tagasi