Even Corsair Knows Air Cooling is Better - A500 Review

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It’s been 10 years since Corsair was in the air-cooler game, so why come back? Can Corsair compete with the huge selection of already excellent CPU coolers from competitors like Noctua and Deepcool? Let's benchmark it and find out!
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  • Linus is the best in industry.

    zBones762zBones762Tund tagasi
  • You like silent aircooling. Where is Scythe? Scythe Ninja 5 for example

    TaureorTaureor5 tundi tagasi
  • To spare u some time: The A500 sucks

    griachaegriachae9 tundi tagasi
  • @6:06, the space between is for the fans to push air inwards and exit through the middle. That is why there is no fan there.

    Kris WingertKris Wingert9 tundi tagasi
  • If only my Mugen Scythe 2 was as easy to install

    Steven MobleySteven Mobley10 tundi tagasi
  • Just throw noctua fans on it

    Sypher TiSypher Ti11 tundi tagasi
  • i've known since i was 9, how to vent heat from machines, and how it keeps them running at optimal efficiency. (thermal dynamics?) this guy is really reaching for the views.

    Unreal: PhaselandsUnreal: Phaselands14 tundi tagasi
  • i've known since i was 9, how to vent heat from machines, and how it keeps them running at optimal efficiency. this guy is really reaching for the views.

    Unreal: PhaselandsUnreal: Phaselands14 tundi tagasi

    Andrew SternAndrew SternPäev tagasi
  • still rocking my old Thermaltake Frio OCK here. Still better than maximum nowadays Cpu air cooler

    Ahmed Iqbal ParvezAhmed Iqbal ParvezPäev tagasi
  • Missed opportunity for *STONKS* meme :'3 1:53

    Rahul SawantRahul SawantPäev tagasi
  • Awesome product. May I have one😍

    Tech GeeksTech GeeksPäev tagasi
  • Is OK, but no-one wants all that hot air blasting around inside the cabinet/tower. Unless the hot air is ducted outside, you need even more fans to vent the heat. Add to that, not everyone has the space for such a monolith... Meh. Not impressed. Watercooling works better (water has a higher specific heat capacity) and moves the heat directly to the outside of the case.

    Sue3DDesignsSue3DDesignsPäev tagasi
  • Cause FLIPPIN'...'MERICA! Ever since I saw those things years back, I just knew we had broken into that wannabe "cool age of geekdom" where comp rigs basically emulate fragging muscle cars. o>O roflolmfaomfgaffsmfh

    Screw The NetScrew The NetPäev tagasi
  • 7:04 - The other coolers became alive and got startled with Linus...

    Daniel Nagaishi RodriguesDaniel Nagaishi RodriguesPäev tagasi
  • CPU Watercooling is dead??? Foolishness!!! That's because I am in the process of talking to my family industries about getting c@pyrighted patent to my new CPU watercooler and creative idea concept. My CPU watercooler brand name is called @ (A.D.H.D) and the watercooler model name is called the @ ("Hydroponic Bong - Resignator 420") My ("A.D.H.D Hydroponic Bong - Resignator 420") CPU watercooler will be a custom loop AIO and sold / shipped worldwide for 2,500$... It will be made out of my / a 100 - gallon aquarium fish tank as the reservoir... There will be two ends (one hose for siphoning water and other hose for returning water) of two garden hoses tucked down inside... Then the other two threaded screw ends of the garden hoses will come out of the aquarium reservoir and attach to two of four separate threaded pipe ends of a glass marijuana bong that acts as the pump... Then once those two garden hoses are connected to the marijuana bong resignator pump on one side, two more garden hoses will screw on and attach to the other two opposing pipe ends on other side of marijuana bong designator pump... And then one hose will attach to my special CPU waterblock while other hose from marijuana bong (i. e. the resignator pump) will go down into my bathroom toilet to divert water from toilet back to CPU with splitter that connects another garden hose to the other connector on CPU waterblock etc... Basically, in vague non - symantrical terms, this is my idea. And if want a little RGB color, I simply piss into the toilet to turn it organish - yellow for a little flare etc. Everything will be sold as a custom AIO watercooling package that includes a 100 - gallon aquarium as the reservoir., the marijuana bong as the pump resignator., the garden hoses as the tubing., the toilet as secondary reservoir., and waterblock... Personal assembly required... There's a lot of kinks that need to be worked out via research and development to make it work, but feasible... Only thing not included in the package is the toilet as everybody has their own. I expect my @ ("A.D.H.D Hydroponic Bong - Resignator 420") custom loop AIO CPU watercooler to be a big hit, at least with dope - heads all across the world.

    Josephineas Weisseveathyrheraaressciaadam-RheimannJosephineas Weisseveathyrheraaressciaadam-RheimannPäev tagasi
  • Pretty sure the Noctua NH-U12A has taken the place of the D15, being that it's got the same performance and is a 120mm cooler.

    olbazeolbazePäev tagasi
  • This is one of the ugliest air coolers in quite some time. The D15 (even the non chromax) is better looking.

    CeleryFoxCeleryFoxPäev tagasi
  • For the price, I'd rather just buy a Noctua cooler.

    MiDiMiDiPäev tagasi
  • Water Cooling is basically Air cooling but with water change my mind

    Sang NguyenSang NguyenPäev tagasi
  • After screwing it in they could add another fan in the middle.

    Brrr_IceBrrr_Ice2 päeva tagasi
  • i love the ads man every time i click on a video im just like who is it gonna be this time and it doesnt even sound like he's trying to make it seem like its a genuine product he uses its just a sponsered revenue stream for him lmao

    dreamstateninedreamstatenine2 päeva tagasi
  • Thats what i see from Jay's video as well. It looks big, but doesnt offer much performance up compared to normal 120mm cooler, the interesting stuffs are the new ease of use improvements.

    Muhammad KharismawanMuhammad Kharismawan2 päeva tagasi
  • Yey! it's baccck!

    Em FernandezEm Fernandez2 päeva tagasi
  • Why don't they make any hybrid water/air cooled units? Or basically a radiator on the fins along with a separate one on the case.

    Bryan ClineBryan Cline2 päeva tagasi
  • fr.aliexpress.com/item/4000537866005.html 12V 240W Peltier semiconductor chip cooling plate. What do you think please?

    Francois LegaultFrancois Legault2 päeva tagasi
  • I'll never go back to air. Giant chunks of aluminum are so 20th century. Anyone who finds an AIO water cooler hard to install should stick to playing with dollies....

    Mergatroid ManiaMergatroid Mania2 päeva tagasi
  • When Corsair tried to remake the Nintendo Switch but for PC Gamers 😂

    RayzRayz2 päeva tagasi
  • TL;DR = NH-D15 is still the best after all these years, pathetic.

    Howard WongHoward Wong2 päeva tagasi
  • :04 the music is just sooooo perfect, very 80's thriller, love it

    DeadshotchefDeadshotchef2 päeva tagasi
  • Isn’t air cooling worse?

    Aiden SalcedoAiden Salcedo2 päeva tagasi
  • I just can't get over how ugly they are..... I will go a closed loop for the foreseeable future

    Daniyel McAvoyDaniyel McAvoy2 päeva tagasi
  • "its free real estate" automatic like

    Ethan EaglesEthan Eagles2 päeva tagasi
  • I mean they are called Corsair and not Corswater. Haaaaa I'm a funny guy.

    RockfatherRockfather2 päeva tagasi
  • that's a fake surprise ever..

    Juneao AlfredJuneao Alfred2 päeva tagasi
  • This guy doesn't kno anything about computers. It's scripted. He has merch. What a sham.

    Jess CauseJess Cause2 päeva tagasi
  • Baby Linus > Baby Yoda

    FraFra2 päeva tagasi
  • Sacrilege! A500 will always be the legendary amiga.

    Jevon FrostJevon Frost2 päeva tagasi
  • I have an AIO , and I'm happy to say I will not be going back to bulky air coolers. Most people don't overclock or run the top of the line CPU to aid in their heating of a room. I always liked how big air coolers just bend a MB .... such a pretty sight ...

    Robert KohariRobert Kohari2 päeva tagasi
  • Lol ok sure

    RobertoRoberto2 päeva tagasi
  • Oh cool! I can raise the fan to clear my RAM! Now I need to lower the fan to put the side of my case back on... S**T!

    Russell GarrardRussell Garrard3 päeva tagasi
  • Tell Corsair to lower their product prices to a reasonable one. Only in the strangest timeline.

    TheOctavariumTheoryTheOctavariumTheory3 päeva tagasi
    • Just put bequiet fans on!😀

      Shauka HodanShauka Hodan2 päeva tagasi
  • screw performance, the first man to give me literal dead silence at full usage can actually name his price to at least 3 figures.

    710thcentury digitalboy710thcentury digitalboy3 päeva tagasi
    • "Water cooling sucks" ~The guy who Watercooled a 100,000$ camera.

      Shauka HodanShauka Hodan2 päeva tagasi
  • I checked memory Express and D15 is $15 more expensive not cheaper

    HerrenGamingNewsHerrenGamingNews3 päeva tagasi
  • Linus, you and your marketing team need to make up their damn mind about water cooling ...

    FancyslimshadyFancyslimshady3 päeva tagasi
  • The subtle title name change 👌🏻

    TefFackTefFack3 päeva tagasi
  • Well, maybe they'll make a better one next time guys. Or drop this to $70, or less.

    apocalypseapapocalypseap3 päeva tagasi
  • leave the cap off and make both fans suck thru from center out. prob cool better

    Todd OmicioliTodd Omicioli3 päeva tagasi
  • It's free real estate 👌

    Christos MarathonitisChristos Marathonitis3 päeva tagasi
  • those are totally different coolers, corsair has 1 single bed of vins on heat pipes wit fron & rear fan, the other 2 have 2 beds of fins ( bit smaller but better heat dissipation ), minus the larger fans.

    Rimovanax zmijeRimovanax zmije3 päeva tagasi
  • This is funny

    aola wiliaola wili3 päeva tagasi
  • Yeah, like waiting ten years for a response to my message

    Garold BallengerGarold Ballenger3 päeva tagasi
  • I am a little confused by the noise complaint. Most people won't be running it at top fan speed and in most cases your computer shouldn't be getting that hot where it runs at the top speed. Fan coolers do a pretty good job and this thing looks hefty. Basing it off on being totally worthless based on what it sounds like if you max the fans out all the way, that seems a little shortsighted. Are you suggesting that the top fan speed should be trimmed down to fit your noise requirements or do you think they can improve on sound and thermals by altering air resistance? I mean most people won't really hear it at top speed anyway and I would hope a systems fan curve wouldn't shoot it that high, unless your system temps are approaching really high temps.

    Jeordie WhiteJeordie White3 päeva tagasi
  • If you looking for a CPU cooler that can beat the Noctua DH-15 in performance, price and especially acoustics try the ThermalRight Le Grand Macho RT. I have one in my system and it's the best and quietest CPU cooler I have ever owned. I had visually check that it was running when I first built my PC because I could not hear it. ThermalRight says it can even run fanless and still outperform one of Intels coolers. I believe them.

    CeeJayDKCeeJayDK3 päeva tagasi
  • Isthat tongue click Linus new thing 😂?

    Robert GoutRobert Gout3 päeva tagasi
  • Make it like a split AC system with the fan ducts on the outside, use transcritical C02 which means mass flow is small, and you can get a compact size, cooling performance that can keep the chip at zero or below, and the extra strength required for the CO2 compression does not matter at this scale as tube and pipes at smaller diameters are much stronger. The gas cooler which takes place of condenser, can be extra large and heavy duty mounted on the outside, and that means we need less air flow and can be much, much quieter.

    Kimberly PeacockKimberly Peacock3 päeva tagasi
  • "Water cooling sucks" ~The guy who Watercooled a 100,000$ camera.

    Reqeez RafiqReqeez Rafiq3 päeva tagasi
  • Just put bequiet fans on!😀

    KevHDKevHD3 päeva tagasi
  • Please do a what is the best air cooler in 2020 video plz like so he sees

    Maxwell MarcusMaxwell Marcus3 päeva tagasi
  • 3:03 What’s worse that bow tie on baby Linus or the Socks and Sandals on the grown up model....

    Monty Python the Flying CircusMonty Python the Flying Circus3 päeva tagasi